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4 Quick and Easy Hacks on Styling and Caring For Your Bag

Like any fashion accessory, your favourite designer bag can be worn and cared for in different ways to reflect your personal style. It’s probably why customised bags are having a moment right now – from hand-painted bags to embellished stick-on patches. But you don’t have to be extra crafty to make your bag your own; a nifty pom-pom charm can go a long way in adding a personal touch. Plus, while it’s fun to customise your bag, you want to make sure that you avoid doing anything that might damage the material of your bag.

We list four practical and stylish bag hacks that will liven up your bag while keeping it in tip-top condition.

1. Add stylish accents to your bag

You don’t have to go the way of a full-blown bag makeover to personalise your bag. Sometimes, a simple decorative bag charm is all it takes to breathe new life into your bag. We love tying a stylish printed scarf to our bags, and you can easily check through a bag’s hardware for ideas on how you want to tie the scarf. Wrap the top handles tightly and evenly with a scarf, knot it through the hoop of a chain, or wrap the scarf around your purse like a chic scarf top – it’s all up to you!

If a scarf isn’t your thing, you can get creative with bag charms, keyrings or even small pouches. Think of them as jewellery for your bag. Depending on your mood, amp up the look of your bag with a sophisticated Hermès bag charm or a whimsical pom-pom charm.

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2. Experiment with straps.

Another way to switch up the look of your bag is to play with the straps and style them differently for every outfit. 

When it comes to bucket bags or crossbody purses, we’re all about the short strap or handle. Drop the long shoulder strap and let the bag dangle from your wrist for effortless work-appropriate chic.

Crossbody bags can also be styled by shortening the shoulder strap so that the bag sits near your waistline for a more put-together look. Or you can even wear your crossbody purse as a backpack. Thanks to the fashion wizards of TikTok, all you have to do is wear the strap over the back of your neck so that the bag hangs at your waist. Then flip the bag over your head — voila!

Backpacks are equally versatile. If wearing it the conventional way reminds you too much of being a schoolgirl, layer both straps together and wear it as a shoulder bag.

Or why not add your own custom strap? Remove the existing strap or easily tuck it out of sight into the bag. Then choose to adorn your bag with a printed strap for contrast, a thick grosgrain ribbon for an unexpected touch, or even a leather strap subtly embossed with your name.

3. Maintain the shape of your bag with a base insert.

If you’re like us, then you’re probably no stranger to your favourite bag sagging or losing its shape after some use. Often, this is most noticeable around the bottom of the bag, where it might sag or contain unsightly wrinkles. To prevent this, your best bet is to use a base shaper or insert for your bag.

A base shaper is simply a liner that you place inside the bottom of your handbag to help keep your bag in shape. Bonus: It’ll also enable your bag to stand upright with ease. 

You can easily make your own base shaper. The Internet is rife with DIY tutorials on how to do this with some inexpensive plastic board from Art Friend or Popular — or even a food mat. All you need to do is make sure that your base shaper has rounded edges and is the right size for your bag so that it won’t unintentionally scratch or stretch out your bag. 

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4. Use a handbag organiser to protect your designer handbag.

Ever rummaged through your designer handbag only to discover an accidental ink spill from a pen? Water spots, food stains, pen marks — we’ve all been there. The best way to protect your handbag from stains is to use purse organisers or pocketed pouches that will help to contain spills or stains. 

If you’re a proud owner of a well-known designer handbag like the Chanel Flap, there are a ton of bag-specific purse organisers that would be a perfect fit. Not only will you be protecting your handbag, you’ll also be keeping your bag in shape with added structure, which makes this hack pragmatic and stylish. Not to mention, you’ll never misplace your keys again! We think Marie Kondo would approve.

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