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Back-To-Work Guide For Moms


It is not an easy task for mothers to re-enter the workforce after a long break. Not only does it take effort, it takes a huge amount of courage to be back into an environment that is so distantly familiar. Whether you’ve been out of the workforce for a year or ten years, it takes time for you as a mother to leave your homely space and familiarise yourself, once again, with the working culture.

All mothers have different experiences and attitudes that has developed, but the jitters are still hard to avoid. Here are some functional and style tips to help you mothers who are looking to go back into the workforce!

#1. Set Expectations

It is important to set expectations for yourself, as well as the company you may be working in. It may seem like you’re being thrown back to square one, so it’s crucial that you take the essential step to get your bearings straight before finalising a decision to join any company.

Expectations should be set from your initial search to the interview, and also on the first day of your job. Look out for what you want in this new career path and some things you can consider before setting any expectations are:

  • Your past work experiences: How has the workforce changed since you left? What can you leverage from your previous experiences to your future day-to-day tasks?
  • The length of your break: How out of touch are you when it comes to the workplace lingo and communication styles? It’s important to read up on workplace trends and see if your soft skills can work and thrive in now-popular co-working spaces that can come across distracting or encouraging for different individuals.
  • Your skill sets: What are the necessary software skills required for your role? How soon can you upgrade yourself to fill in the gaps?

#2. Set Goals


Setting goals is important for everyone and that includes mothers. It is good to think about your achievable goals, be it in the initial stages or when you’ve successfully returned to the workforce. It’s good to think retrospectively about your previous role and also introspectively on how you’ve changed from motherhood and the skills acquired to set new career goals for yourself.

Start setting small goals in the beginning before embarking on larger career goals. That way you’ll build momentum and avoid getting burnt out quickly. 

#3. Go For Courses

The only constant thing in the society is change. Companies are always advancing forward, acquiring new skills and new technology. You may be slightly rusty after being out of the workforce for a lengthy period of time. 

Update on relevant courses or podcasts within the LinkedIn community to catch up on topics you’re unfamiliar with or want to improve on. It’s important to stay relevant to your industry with highly sought-after skills and knowledge!

#4. Dress Your Best


Being in your best-dressed outfit is already half the battle won. Don’t be afraid to dress confidently! An appropriate and classy outfit shows that you’re ready for the new challenge and create the right impression. 

For an easy first week at work, go for structured dress or jumpsuit. You can observe how your other colleagues are dressed and adjust to the dress code accordingly. If you’re more for separates and co-ords, you can choose to rock it in a tapered pants and a comfortable blouse. Also depending on the nature of industry, casual looks are not frowned upon; take the opportunity to dress down on Casual Fridays with playful jumpsuits or even white-tee-and-jeans combo. 

As for accessorising, go for versatile work bags.It’s important that they are classy on the outside yet roomy with ample compartments for your office necessities. We recommend top handle bags and shoulder bags as they allow easy access to pens and notebooks, perfect for any on-the-go working moms! 

Rent from our Work The Wear collection to get hustling: 

It’s not an easy task to get back into the workforce after your hiatus, but with these tips and quick guide to returning, you’ll be sure to assimilate quickly and easily. Style Theory has got your back!

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