Ask Our Stylists: Life-Changing Fashion Hacks To Make Any Outfit Work

We love a great fashion moment but sometimes we struggle with pieces that either don’t fit too well or are a pain to style. And in today’s busy world, what would really help are shortcuts that will save you time and money! Our resident stylist at Style Theory has broken down 4 nifty life-changing fashion hacks that will make even the most frustrating of fashion fails incredibly easy to solve.

#1 Get taller instantly

Being short can suck. In fact, it can be a fashion hurdle at times. We definitely appreciate every body shape and size. But sometimes a girl just wants to look a few inches taller! Add a few extra inches to your height with a simple vertical eye trick — monochrome dressing and high-waisted bottom.


Try the half-tuck on a button-down shirt to add just the right amount of waist-defining shape. It also shortens the look of your torso, giving you the illusion of legs for days. Also, keep away from XL-sized bags. Avoid having your bag hit the widest part of your body which will create a horizontal line that makes you look wider!

#2 Make an oversized blazer fashion 

While we always appreciate an amazing fit, an intentionally oversized blazer allows for so many more styling options. The beauty of this staple is that it instantly pulls together any outfit, making it look like you’ve put in the effort — even if you didn’t.


We’re digging the pantless look: wear an oversized blazer as a dress. Still want some shape? Cinch your waist with a belt!


The best way to wear an oversized blazer is to not wear it. Shoulder caping is the ultimate female power move as seen on Meghan Markle with a hint of ‘50s’ glamour. 

#3 Make fancy work every day

Who said glamorous pieces have to be saved for special occasions only? Wearing fancy dresses during the day is not only great for your wardrobe’s cost-per-wear factor, but it can also work wonders in boosting  your overall confidence and morale. If you appreciate everything with a deep-neck, or the glory of a sexy side-split, we’ve got you covered. 


Toss on a black turtleneck under a flirty slip dress for a modest twist that’s great for the office. Ready to kick up your heels for a girls’ night out? Simply remove the basic top and add on some glam jewellery for a ritzy look!

#4 Transform loungewear into streetwear

Lucky for the comfy-seekers, loungewear is having a major moment now. The best part? You can totally wear them outside! While the notion of bedroom-to-boardroom isn’t entirely novel, this is the first time that it has been so widely accepted and rendered as the epitome of chic.


Throw out the rule book of less is more and never pass up the opportunity to wear a matching set of prints. We’ve fallen victim to the obsession over quirky and whimsical prints!


The freshest silhouette to wear: Undo the top buttons of your shirt and let it slide off your shoulders to flaunt your pretty collarbones! 

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