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Ask Our Stylists: 5 Ways To Pair Prints Like A Pro

Is there a fashion “rule’ that’s more outdated than “don’t mix your prints”? Despite the countless seasons of pattern-clashing inspirations, many of us still think twice before placing two different graphics together. To pair prints like a pro, we got our styling team to demonstrate the best pairing principles that turn print-clashing corny to some serious cool. 

#1 Make it monochrome: One colour, many shades.

Colour is the secret to a happy marriage between two prints. A fool-proof way to mix prints is to put together shades of the same colour — match a lighter print with a darker one! When scanning your wardrobe for graphics that could pair well together, think about how colours complement each other. The sartorial puzzle won’t seem so confusing after all. 


#2 Play with sizes: Bold print, delicate print.

Create interest and contrast with your prints. Pairing a small-scale print with a large-scale print allows the smaller one to work as a neutral. When in doubt, you can actually marry the same checkered print that you love; one happy family, just vary the size. 


#3 Find a common colour story, then double the prints!

Florals are some of the toughest prints to mix and match, as each floral print we come across is so different than the other. One tip that always works for doubling up on florals is to opt for one monochrome print and one multicoloured print that picks up the first colour.


Take this floral skirt for instance. Notice that beautiful green popping out at you? Run with it. A patterned green top (no matter the shades) will complement, not clash, with this striking skirt of many colours. 

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#4 Mix business and play: Neutral print with any wild opposite.

If the thought of pairing prints to work sends shivers down your spine, fear not! Create a winning look when you combine two opposing prints like a fun and flirty floral and a business-ready checkered print. This will keep the rest of your look neutral and office-friendly. And when time is up for the happy hour, simply ditch the blazer and you’re ready to mingle. 


#5 When in doubt, pair with a solid

Though there’s less of a science to this combination, this has got to be our personal favourite tip! A good way to break up the printed pieces is by layering a piece in a solid colour to quieten down the pattern. Want to accessorise? Add on a printed designer bag that colour-picks from your outfit for a complete and cohesive look!


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Now that you’ve got our stylist’s secret tips to wearing prints like a pro, it’s time to have fun with bold and playful patterns! Discover and shop your favourite prints at Style Theory now!

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