Ask Our Stylists: How to Wear 5 Trends in 10 Easy Ways

The idea of creating a sustainable and versatile wardrobe is, without a doubt, a daunting one. Rumour has it that a shirt that only matches one skirt has no place in a modern wardrobe, whereas a versatile piece that coordinates with more items takes the cake. Let these preconceptions take a backseat while our resident stylist demonstrates how to maximise your wardrobe based on these top five trends: 

#1 Huff & Puff

Pump up the volume with massive sleeves that are ballooning across the catwalk and the high street this season. By default, puffy sleeves are preppy and romantic, but they’re also a terrific match with anything edgier. Experiment with different iterations of the trend when you rent without commitment — embrace a head-to-toe pastel palette for a touch of femininity, or a toned-down treatment with dark contrasting colours. 

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#2 Preppy Stripes

Stumped by the eternal mystery of smart-casual dress codes? You might want to enrol in a preppy style for a semester or two. Quintessentially evolved from the Ivy League origins, this collegiate-inspired trend is here to stay — think clean lines, crisp colours, and never-fail staples. And here’s our take: No preppy wardrobe is complete without a set of stripes! Create a multitude of outfits with an oversized striped coat that will bring you from work to play.

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#3 Pleated Prairie

The fashion world has a thing for nostalgia — the comeback of prairie styles that is straight out of the ‘80s playbook. At its core, this retro trend is all about ruffle accents and breezy silhouettes. This pleated prairie dress is perfect for those amongst us who aren’t into prints, but want a throw-on-for-anything linen frock. If you’re looking for something a little more balanced, tone down the dress’ inherent femininity with a basic white T-shirt and pair it with a street-style shopper bag. 

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#4 Utilitarian Chic

Borrowed from the troops, this pair of cargo pants emulate the essence of the utilitarian trend. The best way to integrate the trend into your wardrobe is to simply put on a tube top for an effortlessly put-together look. While this aesthetic is inherently androgynous, marrying the puff-sleeve trend with a fitted bodice detail adds a feminine element to this otherwise masculine style. 

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#5 Denim for Days

There’s a certain alchemy to denim: It can adapt to trends, and then somehow transcend them. The message this season? Don’t hold back: emerging and established labels alike are encouraging us to wear double denim in innovative new ways. Our stylist recommends dotting the trend with an all-in-one style — a denim jumpsuit and a denim jacket. If you’re not a fan of more is more, layer your casual favourites under the denim jumpsuit for a sweet balance. 

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