Ask Our Stylists: How To Look Expensive On A Budget

With the demands of life and family, splurging on the latest designer threads might be the last thing on our shopping list. The catch: You don’t always need to pay top dollars to look stylish and expensive, and it’s weirdly easy once you know how:

1. Opt for a tailored cut

Ground rule: always choose clothing that fits you. Even the simplest, most inexpensive shirt or pair of jeans will look amazing if they fit like a glove. It’s best to keep the proportion well-balanced according to your body type!

2. Go for eye-friendly colours

As much as we love all the colours of the rainbows, not all colours are equal when it comes to looking expensive. In short, neutral colours such as black, different shades of brown, beige, white, grey, muted green, and navy blue will always look classy.


3. Wear one statement colour at a time

There is a special case if you want to experiment with bold colours. It’s crucially depending on the style and material of the clothing. Keep in mind that when the colour is already strong on its own, choose a more elegant cut and keep the patterns minimal.  


4. Make sure your grooming is on point

The essential: your self-grooming. Not everyone has the budget to go to a salon or beauty parlor every week, but it’s as simple as removing creases from your clothes or having clean nails. Clean, neutral-coloured polished nails are always classy.


5. Keep your makeup minimal

Less is truly more when it comes to makeup. Don’t forget to play up your natural features and showcase a glowing, radiant skin, and simply add a finishing touch with a bold red lip. You’ll cut back on overdone makeup and save priceless time on your morning routine! 

Hear it from our resident stylist for more tips and tricks to look expensive on a budget: 

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