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Anatomy of a Goyard Comores Tote for Work

What makes a perfect work bag? Is size the first thing on your checklist? Do you prefer top handles to totes? Well, we can all agree that functionality is key when it comes to dressing for work, but we don’t want to compromise on style either. Finding the right bag can be an arduous process, but don’t fret, we’re here to help!

Blog – Anatomy of a Work Bag

A bag, like the Goyard Comores PM Tote in this striking red, is made up of various parts and features. Let’s break down the key things to look out for when finding the perfect work bag to rent and/or buy:

What Matters #1:  Size

Let’s be real – size matters. It’s important to have a bag that can fit all your 9-to-5 essentials. Bonus points if it’s spacious enough for your laptop or tablet, so you don’t have to carry a separate bag for it. It also helps to get a bag with smaller compartments, so you can reach for smaller items like keys and earphones easily, without the frustration of rummaging through your bag. 


What did we like about the Goyard Comores PM Tote? The gusset– an additional piece of material sewn to the bag to strengthen the structural integrity of the bag and enlarge the sides to store bulkier items.

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What Matters #2: Material

First, let’s talk practicality. Get a bag that’s sturdy enough to hold its shape when it’s sitting in your office. It should be lightweight, so you can carry it on-the-go with ease. Since you’ll be bringing it to work every day, avoid suede exteriors, which can be tricky on rainy days.

As for aesthetics, you’ll definitely want a bag that’s sleek and chic. After all, the right bag can help pull your whole look together! While it’s tempting to go for safe colours like black and brown, try mixing things up by going for reds, blues, pinks and greens to add a pop of colour. If you’re not ready to try bright or bold colours, you can opt for darker shades, which are easier to keep clean.


A fun fact about Goyard’s signature fabric: The interlocking Ys are the brand name’s central letter, and the piled dots that construct it are a symbol of the Goyard family history as log-drivers.

Not all materials are water-resistant and not everyone wants to care for the exterior surfaces of their bag on the regular, so opt for bags with metal or silicon feet to keep the leather base off the contact surface. This reduces wear and tear, and definitely helps with the longevity of your bag, no matter how durable it is made to be.

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What Matters #3: Handle

Top handles are a classic go-to style for work bags. They usually come with a longer, detachable shoulder strap, which can take you from desk to dinner with a simple switch. If you’re more of a tote or crossbody kind of girl, that’s fine too! Above all, your bag handles should be versatile and comfortable to carry.


For those who are worried about soiling or wearing your top handle from frequent use, consider tying a silk wrap around the handles to reduce oil and grime transfer from your hands to the bag. 

Tucking the handles through the metal loop ring and handle holder, like the Goyard Comores PM Tote, also makes your handles last longer–keeping the appeal of a Goyard tote and making good on your investment over time.

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What Matters #4: Opening


Zippers, flaps, buckles, clasps, turn locks – the list could go on. There are so many ways to open and close your bag, and it all boils down to a matter of personal preference when it comes to choosing the right style. This detail also plays a part in the visual design of the bag, as it could be where the brand’s logo is placed. Knowing that you can secure your bag with just a flick of the wrist with magnetic closures on flap bags can give you peace of mind at work. 


Zippers and buckles give that added layer of security for those who carry multiple small items. Just make sure your contents are easily accessible, so you don’t have to fumble with opening your bag. If you just want to be able to reach for your things quickly, you can go for bags that don’t fasten or opt for compartment bags.

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Try the Goyard Comores PM Tote before you buy to see if you like it: Join the Designer Bag Subscription Waitlist here.

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