9 Easy Ways to Live Sustainably

One of the biggest misconceptions about sustainability is the amount of sacrifice needed to jump into daily sustainable living. On the contrary, there are countless ways to start living sustainably that doesn’t require you to live completely without luxuries, which, let’s be honest, is one of the biggest mental hurdles to get over.

We’ve compiled nine habits that you can easily incorporate into your daily living that easy on your mind, wallet, and of course, the Earth.

Invest in clean beauty

Clean beauty isn’t just about cruelty-free, vegan beauty products with organic and ethically-sourced ingredients. It’s also about products that come in recyclable, compostable, or reusable packaging! An easy low-cost way to start a clean beauty habit? Try swapping out your single-use makeup wipes and cotton pads for a soft muslin cloth. 

Choose lightweight packaging

Cutting down plastic packaging and opting for glass products might seem like a better option. After all, isn’t glass not only recyclable but also made from all-natural, non-toxic ingredients? Unfortunately, when it comes to transporting products, the weight of glass could make them a less environmentally friendly option. The heavier a load is, the more energy it takes to move it, which means it produces more carbon emissions and cost to transport it.

Our solution? Choose to buy refill packs instead of bottled products. Or opt for lightweight packaging options, like aluminium or renewable sugar cane or bamboo instead.

Say no to single-use waste

Ordering takeaway is more common than ever before. Taking away your lunch in a plastic container with disposable cutlery is convenient, sure, but at what cost to the environment? A survey, led by the National University of Singapore, found that an extra 1,334 tonnes of plastic waste was generated from takeaway and delivery meals in just two months of Circuit Breaker period — that’s equivalent to the weight of 92 double-decker buses. 

Reduce your own plastic use by bringing your own reusable containers when buying takeaway at your nearby coffee shop. Opt out on plastic cutlery when ordering food delivery. And, for the love of Mother Earth, bring a foldable reusable grocery bag on your grocery trips! 

Try out composting

For those with green fingers, level up your gardening skills by using homemade compost! Compost is all about decomposing your food scraps and waste into nutrient-rich soil — and no, the process isn’t as icky as it sounds. With composting, you get to put to use unwanted vegetable ends, fruit peels, egg shells, teabags, and coffee grounds and turn them into power soil that your plants will love. 

Buy pre-portioned ingredients

Meal kits, which deliver a box of pre-portioned ingredients straight to your door, have earned a bad environmental reputation due to perceived packaging waste. But interestingly, a study from University of Michigan has shown that despite using more packaging material, meal kits have a “much lower overall carbon footprint” than store-bought ingredients for the same meal. 

It turns out that food waste and transportation logistics cause the most important differences between meal kits and store-bought meals. While grocery meals use lesser packaging per meal, consumers often buy them in quantities larger than needed, which leads to food waste. Supermarkets, too, tend to overstock produce and remove blemished or unappealing produce from their shelves. 

Ready to try out a meal kit for yourself? Whether you fancy fresh homemade pasta or a homemade lava cookie, take your pick from Made By You’s fail-proof meal kits prepared with high-quality ingredients! 

Consider renting

Fast fashion, with its fads and trends, is quickly turning our environment into a textile wasteland. In each year, each Singaporean throws away around 27kg of clothes  — some of them brand new! Fortunately, you don’t have to say goodbye to wearing trendy new clothes just to save the environment. By renting your clothes and designer bags, you’ll be able to be a part of a circular fashion movement, where the lifespan of each and every piece is extended to its fullest potential! 

Dip your toes into renting with our new apparel subscription plans, starting at just $59/month.

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Buy preloved

The figures have made their point: choosing to purchase a preloved designer bag instead of brand new will help to save over 18 lbs of carbon emissions and about 6 gallons of water. Along with the reduced price tag on preloved items, buying secondhand items isn’t just good for the environment — it’s great on your wallet too. 

With preloved designer bags starting at S$300, and preloved designer apparel at up to 85% off retail prices, buying preloved is all about the thrill, with none of the eco-guilt! Browse our collection preloved styles from our Style Theory Shop here.

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Donate or sell unused items

One man’s trash is another man’s treasure — except that in the world of fashion, trash could also mean unused, unworn clothes and bags that are still in great condition! Do your part for both society and the environment by donating your unused apparel and bags to the less fortunate, or, if you’d like, give them away to your friends and family! 

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Repair, not replace

Just because a zipper’s busted doesn’t mean you have to throw out your favourite dress or designer bag. By sending your items to get lovingly mended by a professional tailor or restoration expert, you’re increasing the lifespan of your fashion items, and keeping them from prematurely entering the landfills. 

For your apparel, support your neighbourhood tailor by sending your clothing in for quick mending services. For your designer bags, Style Theory Bags offers comprehensive restoration services for any designer bag in need of some TLC — whether it’s getting rid of a little stain, or getting a full colour makeover! 

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With these nine easy habits to incorporate into your daily routine, living sustainably is achievable with just a little thoughtfulness and discipline. Which one are you starting with today? 

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