9 Apps Every Modern Woman Should Download

Being modern women on the go, our phone(s) is fast becoming our extra limb or second brain. We are so tethered to it that it seems like the Nosedive episode of Black Mirror is inevitable. If our phones are going to be on us essentially all the time, then we have Style Theory’s list of essential apps every modern woman should have on their phones.

netflix app nose dive

Photo-editing Apps

Like peanut butter and jelly (yum), photo-editing apps go hand-in-hand with our favourite social sharing apps–Instagram is our love language! While it could get really complicated, we love all-purpose, and FREE, photo editor apps like:

  • VSCO Cam®
  • Snapseed
  • Afterlight2
  • Meitu
  • Adobe Lightroom CC

#1 Editor’s Pick: VSCO Cam®


VSCO (pronounced visco) is a photography enthusiast’s top utility app. Its collection of filter presets are subtle (compared to many overpowering filters) and its understated soft outputs are well-liked by the Instagram community! You can also share edited photos to the VSCO community and spend the rest of your afternoon seeing what other users are posting too.

Available for iOS and Android

Financial Management Apps

Seedly Transactions

Being a modern woman can be many things, and one facet is to be financially savvy. Organizing your finances can get taxing (pun intended), but it doesn’t have to be a chore when you work with expense trackers that have clean app interfaces, seamless features, and easy navigation.

  • Seedly
  • Spendee
  • Wally
  • Expensify

#2 Editor’s Pick: Seedly

Seedly mobile

Yes! Seedly ranks high with users for its easy, minimalist interface and consolidated features of your multiple bank accounts and budget. It’s easy to sync your bank accounts, credit card bills, and expenses into one interface. You’ll never miss a late payment or let your credit score slip! There’s also a forum community on Seedly’s Facebook that promotes conversations on investments, credit card types for different lifestyle needs, and more.

Available for iOS and Android

Entertainment Apps


spotify playlist

Social entertainment is all the rage these days with Instagram Stories, IGTV, Snapchat and all. But if you’re looking for more quality entertainment or a new commute companion, try these:

  • Netflix
  • Spotify
  • Youtube
  • Vimeo

#3 and #4 Editor’s Pick: Netflix & Spotify


We’re tied! Picking between video and music is like asking you which is your favourite child. While they both have high entertainment value, it really depends on your lifestyle (and data) consumption.

Why Netflix? With a library of movies and tv shows more than you can browse in a year (or more!), it’s really a service for users of all ages. With more international and local picks since they entered Singapore screens in 2016 (wait…how did we manage to live before then?), we are thoroughly spoilt for choice!

Why Spotify? Be it the free version or premium version, Spotify is every music lover’s essential. It’s easy to use, it’s personalised to you, and it’s endless discovery for everyone. Try upgrading to the premium version if you want to access the offline features while on-the-go. Your phone bill will thank you later!

Both Apps Are Available for iOS and Android

Period Tracking Apps

Always want to wear white but worried about unpleasant surprises? Now you don’t have to avoid wearing white when you monitor your cycle and know when your period will start. There aren’t many options that fit our recommendation criteria so here’s the one we love:

#5 Editor’s Pick: Clue


First, great app name. We love how we get a clue on when our period is on its way (no more guessing) and even get to track our mood during our cycle. Clue is also recommended by OB/GYNs for its symptoms and fertility window tracking. Next, it’s discrete. You don’t have to hide in a vaguely named folder (“Others?”) or worry about accessing it whenever you need to update or track. What’s not to love about this when you get to know yourself that much better?

Available for iOS and Android

Productivity Apps

Whether you’re in the creative industry or hustling as an entrepreneur, you live and breathe lists, lists, and more lists. To help you improve productivity and get closer to the finishing line, we’ve found notebook apps for both those quick notes and thought-out stories:

  • Evernote
  • Trello
  • Google Keep

#6 Editor’s Pick: Evernote


If you’ve not already downloaded Evernote, please do. This notebook app is for everything. From jotting down ideas (in the formatting of your choice) and creating reminders for important notes to checklists for quick to-do lists, their productivity tools come really handy for your modern needs. Scan documents or receipts with their built-in camera tool and utilise their search tool that recognises text in images and scans. Tip: Use the camera and search tools to pull data out of business name cards and digitize handwritten notes.

Available for iOS and Android

Ride Sharing Apps

Getting around has improved from the days of flagging down cabs. While there are always new players joining the scene, here are a few user-friendly app options for the busy commuter:

  • Grab
  • Ryde
  • Go-Jek

#7 Editor’s Pick: Grab

grab download

With the widest network of drivers and riders in Singapore’s ride-sharing scene, Grab has expanded from private hires to carpooling, shuttles, category rides and more. The in-app GrabPay and complementary Grab Food app are plus points for the modern women too!

Available for iOS and Android

Payment Transfer Apps

Gone were the days where you had to make quick (and multiple) trips to the ATM or inter-bank transfer for peer-to-peer payment transfer. It’s increasingly easy to digitally transfer money after team meals or group bookings.

  • Inter-bank PayNow
  • Grab
  • AliPay

#8 Editor’s Pick: PayNow

All it takes is a mobile number. That’s how easy it is to connect with users of different banks and make payment transfers. No need to remember for long account numbers or worry about keying in the wrong digits when you can access your phone contacts. PayNow is available to retail customers of nine participating banks in Singapore – Bank of China, Citibank Singapore Limited, DBS Bank/POSB, HSBC, Industrial and Commercial Bank of China Limited, Maybank, OCBC Bank, Standard Chartered Bank, and UOB.

Available for iOS and Android

Lifestyle & Personal Grooming Apps

No matter how busy you are, you and your body need a little TLC. Be it a quick appointment to the salon or a fuss-free wardrobe that’s delivered to your doorstep in ready-to-wear condition, these lifestyle and personal grooming apps are lifesavers:

  • Style Theory
  • Vaniday
  • Fave

#9 Editor’s Pick: Style Theory


Accessing an Infinite Wardrobe without the clutter is now made easier at the tip of your fingers. Without worrying about the price as compared to shopping at retailers (you pay one monthly price and access unlimited styles), you get to browse over 20,000 styles, utilise the smart filters to find what you like, use the fit recommendation score to select pieces that fit you, schedule delivery at your convenience, and so much more. Find out more about the Infinite Wardrobe here.

Available for iOS and Android

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