8 Things Style Theory Is Doing To Go Greener

Here at Style Theory, we continually seek to be a new, sustainable way of fashion consumption. The past three years have been a wild, fulfilling ride! As our community grows, we really want to put sustainability at the heart of everything we do and be accountable for our impact on our planet. After all, the fashion industry is the second most polluting industry after oil and we want to start making the difference with our community.

So, here are 8 things Style Theory is doing to go greener!

8 Things Style Theory is doing to Go Greener


1. Single-use plastic no more!

At the company level, we have stopped providing single-use plastic bottles for our staff and switched to common water dispensers instead. Now, everyone brings their own bottle!

2. No paper, please!

We heard you when you gave us feedback that the amount of paper used in our boxes was a tad excessive – and we agree. We’ve made the shipping process greener by giving subscribers the option to opt out of having wrapping paper in their boxes.

3. Going lite on packaging

garment folder baggarment folder bag

Speaking of our boxes, although we reuse them for as long as we can, they get worn out eventually. We decided there had to be a more sustainable alternative, that wouldn’t take away the feel-good factor of opening your Style Theory package when it arrives. We’re pleased to announce the launch of the garment folder bag, which is reusable, portable and a lot more compact! This helps us reduce the amount of polymailers (the bags your boxes are sealed in) we use overall. Image from iOS (4)

While we would love to do away with polymailers altogether, we are still currently unable to mail out the garment folder bag on its own. The good news is, plans to switch to compostable polymailers are in the works!

4. More self-collection points

Image from iOS (4)

Our Pop-Up Store: Style Theory Capsule at 313@Somerset


Style Theory pick-up and drop-off point at WeWork City House

Image from iOS (4) Image from iOS (4)Thanks to our partner, WeWork, we now have a self-collection point at City House, which is conveniently located in the CBD. Along with the Style Theory Capsule at 313@Somerset, our subscribers now enjoy greater ease in collecting and returning their boxes. This allows us to shorten turnover times and reduce carbon emissions.

Style Theory Store @ 313 Somerset [Coming Soon]

313 Orchard Rd, Singapore 238895
Singapore 238895

5. Style Theory Share

Monochrome Decoded-1

Have designer clothes and bags you hardly wear that are just sitting in your closet? You can now consign them to us! By introducing a circular economy into our Infinite Wardrobe, we can reduce the demand for producing new clothes and bags and prevent your fashion items from going to trash prematurely, as well as reduce the clutter in your living space. Learn more about our bags consignment here.

6. The RE: Programme


In January 2019, we collected clothes donated by our followers for an upcycling initiative with our partner, LASALLE College of the Arts. Students in the Diploma of Fashion programme then selected pieces to create their final year collections.

Garments that were not upcycled by the students were donated to Greensquare for textile recycling. Greensquare aims to keep textiles in a closed recycling loop to help conserve natural resources and reduce environmental pollution. Their recyclables are sold to second-hand textile importers in various developing countries.

Since then, we’ve been planning to develop a long-term programme where we donate textiles and materials to organisations and institutions to be reworked or recycled. We’ll be partnering with Playeum, Children’s Centre for Creativity, to upcycle our boxes. The not-for-profit organisation serves disadvantaged children in our community by providing play and creative opportunities. The children will use the materials to create their own play spaces.

7. Turning waste into art

Sustainability should be a part of our spaces too. We’re starting with creating an upcycled art installation in our office, where we will re-purpose used polymailers, cardboard boxes, paper, broken racks and hangers into art to brighten up our space.

8. Being more transparent

We know we still have a long way to go on this journey towards sustainability, but we want to commit to further reducing our carbon footprint. It’s important to us that we keep you in the loop when it comes to our sustainability efforts. Look forward to annual reports, where we celebrate the milestones of the year, and share our future plans for building a more sustainable fashion future.

Interested to read more about our efforts? Check out our Sustainability Report 2019 and follow us at @styletheorysg to learn more about our movement and join the fashion revolution!

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