8 Fashion Puns Every Woman Can Relate To

We’ve all been there: chuckling at our screens when we see the too-true statements and memes that we can’t help but share with friends who can relate to them a hundred per cent! Own a bursting wardrobe yet always find yourself with nothing to wear?

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Bursting Wardrobe

First world problems, amirite?

As difficult as it is to acknowledge that you have a bursting wardrobe and nothing to wear (this morning and every morning), this is a universal problem faced by women everywhere!

Quick Fix

An Infinite Wardrobe in the cloud, or a second (and third) wardrobe.


Shopping Buddy

Recruiting Now: Shopping Buddy

A trip to the mall takes more than sheer determination and self-control to stay within budget and stick to the shopping list. It takes a true friend to be more honest than the skinny mirror and to wrang that credit card out of your hands, even though things might get ugly. And it definitely doesn’t hurt to have an extra shopping arm.

Quick Fix

Use Style Theory’s fit score and user reviews on outfits that catch your fancy for an around-the-clock buddy. Take your OOTDs to your Instagram Poll for extra thoughts and opinions.


The New Rack

My clothes have swallowed the chair

Clutter can leave you uninspired. We know. So upgrade from the mess (and laundry duties) for a leaner, more streamlined wardrobe that shaves time off your morning routines and is constantly refreshed!

Quick Fix

Wear black. Skip the layers. Or simply rent and never worry about laundry ever.



dress up

If you sigh at the very thought of dressing up for a night out, we get it. It can get difficult to dress your best when you don’t know your body shape or personal style well. Getting ready will always start and end with empty hangers and clothes strewn all over the floor.

Quick Fix

Plan your outfits in advance. Better yet, plan on-the-go with Style Theory app to re-ignite the excitement of dressing up every day.


Size Matters


Fitting room selfies always outshine the true fitting room horror stories. Not only do you make a poor purchase, but you’ll also always get buyer’s remorse. “Why do I put myself through that?” You ask yourself every time you go on a shopping spree.

Quick Fix

Take your measurements and get your fit right. It’s so important that you wear what flatters your body to look and feel good!
Try the Size Recommendation feature in Style Theory App to experience what true fashion freedom feels like.


Not that F.W.B


Yes, it’s true. Good things do come bundled in the Infinite Wardrobe in the cloud! Imagine skipping the lines and getting your Wishlist designer pieces that fit you. You can always expect more from Style Theory, without the commitment! Why buy when you can simply rent and have access to unlimited designer outfits?

Quick Fix

Try it for a month and experience the difference of a Wardrobe curated by you for all your lifestyle needs.


Annual Affair


Sales Season is the bane of our savings’ existence! Cue the impulse shopping that comes with every GSS, Black Friday, Cyber Monday, 11.11, XMAS Sale, New Year Sales, etc.

Quick Fix

Shop smart and rent better. Save space in your precious wardrobe space for investment pieces and rent everything else. Who knows, you might just fall in love with your Style Theory pieces?


That Envelope In The Mail


“Pink bomb” comes in many forms and the list keeps growing. You hate repeating those evening gowns that you’ve worn at the previous invited events, so what now? Do you buy an outfit that you’ll only wear once?

Quick Fix

RSVP with style when you attend your next wedding or party. You will never have to wear the same gowns or outfits again. You’ll be surprised how much fun you can actually have when you are sartorial-confident!



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