7 Things We Learnt During Circuit Breaker

People keep saying it: everything has changed. As we spent days and months in our homes, huge shifts in our consciousness are happening without us realising it. It has also become an ideal time to embrace living a slower lifestyle that is kinder to people and the planet. 

If you don’t already know, here are 7 changes we’ve started doing this Circuit Breaker that’s helping to shape a new normal:

#1 We’ve learnt to love local

There’s no doubt about it: the pandemic has made things challenging for our local businesses. While the big players in the market struggled to cope with demand, many homegrown shops have stayed well-stocked and have been going above and beyond to adapt to help their communities. 


What you can do is to patronise your favourite local establishments or visit the local hawker centres to help them survive so they can continue to bring you what you love when it’s back to business as usual! 

#2 We only wear 20% of our wardrobe regularly

In the space of days, the fabric of our daily lives has been altered out of all recognition. Comfy loungewear takes centre stage while the rest of the wardrobe remains untouched. While the world was on pause, we finally had the time to do the things we never got to do: A wardrobe sort-out!


How-to: You can purge what don’t wear, and pair up the clothes you like into outfits you’d want to wear when Phase 2 begins!

#3 We see the benefits of buying better

Circuit Breaker has led to an increase in consumers choosing “forever pieces”. Our takeaway? Buying investment pieces with longevity in mind is definitely better for our wallets in these trying times. Your clothes don’t have to last forever, but buying quality clothes is the first step in ensuring that your outfits last, and it prevents you from shelling out more money in the long run. 

Buy better: Wardrobe essentials that are great for Circuit Breaker and far beyond. 

#4 We found creative ways to get moving

We used to hit the gym at the only time we could guarantee we’d be free — before or after work. The good news? The Circuit Breaker wasn’t a gag order on exercise, especially with the flexibility that working from home brings. We can now easily access virtual fitness classes from the comfort of our own home, or ramble through the parks for a quick breather!


To thank our subscribers for their support during this period, we’re giving them free WeBarre Fundamentals Class! Check your email or in-app notifications for your exclusive invitation. 

#5 We let the planet breathe

Perhaps, this is the biggest silver lining to the dark and unforgiving cloud that is COVID-19. Not only is the air is cleaner, but it’s also quieter too. We’re hearing a lot more with the lack of public transport, people on the road and rush hour commute. With the lack of people and vehicles bustling on the rush hour commute, we’re hearing a lot more of the sweet sounds of nature — from the chirping melodies of birds to the whistling of a light breeze.


Image by: Tan Yong Lin

On the other hand, from the otters in Singapore to the deers in Japan, the wildlife has been using this quiet time to venture out of their own territories. It’s showing us just how much the natural world can thrive if we just gave it a little space!

#6 We’ve woken up to excess

Needed something urgently? All we had to do was simply log on, order it, and we’d have it delivered to our doorsteps. With our shopping limited to mostly essentials, it’s making us rethink just what we need and realise the excesses in our lives. From limiting excessive packaging materials during grocery runs to curbing impulsive shopping online, we’re all living a little more green. 


#7 We’re engaged and active

For the past few weeks, we’ve seen how the world came together to affect real change. For once, the pandemic presented an opportunity to assess real-time social issues like racial and class inequality. It has bred a social consciousness that turns a blind eye to the suffering of the vulnerable members of our society. What could at least be done was to create a sense of urgency for the state with our collective voice –and we’ve never felt more like a global community. 

This Circuit Breaker has taught us valuable things about keeping life simple and prioritising the things that truly matter. When the tide of COVID-19 has subsided and we can gradually return to our normal lives, we, at Style Theory, will be there for you as you make the transition into the new normal. But since the future is never certain, all we can do is focus on the here and now, taking one day at a time. 

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Pei Szan is a dreamy idealist (a.k.a chronic daydreamer) who easily speaks in metaphors. She enjoys anything philosophical, loves jet-setting around the world, and has a serious boba addiction. Fun fact: Hailing from the land of Nasi Lemak, she left the legal scene to pursue her creative calling and hopes to inspire more women along the way. Her favourite section of the wardrobe? One-piece wonders like jumpsuits for the lazy days.

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