6 Space-Saving Hacks for Small Living Spaces in Singapore

It’s difficult to live large in small living spaces in Singapore. Can’t get that walk-in wardrobe you want? Can’t get that large 5-seated lounge chaise? Can’t get that dream kitchen island you want? You don’t have to live with constraints if you know what access you have to get that much closer to your dream home.

1.Multi-Functioning Furniture

It’s difficult to stick with one design in a compact space. We know. That’s why we always want multi-functional furniture pieces in our studios and in our homes. While sofa beds are popular with dual function furniture, we’re leaning towards mirror-surface coffee tables and seats with storage.


Not only does a mirror-surface coffee table double up as a coffee table and mirror for that quick lipstick check, it also opens up the living space when it bounces off more light. Talk about a triple-threat!

Check out all of HipVan’s smart multi-functioning furniture here.

2. Keep It Off the Floor

Clutter on the floor physically and visually weighs down the room. Keep your plants off the floor with hanging or shelving options. Create shelving niches to make use of your unique crevices and spaces, as well as sneak in extra storage.

3. “Custom” Furniture

With the irregularity of new homes these days, it’s not that easy to plan the spatial distribution in your home. It’ll be easier to opt for pieces that are portable or collapsible, and dare we say it, reversible. The option to change up the colour of the fabric or accent detail makes “custom” and reversible appealing. It means you can change your mind anytime; move it across the room or switch up the colours after you revamp your room colour.

Easy weekend style: Collapsible and portable hammocks by Airmocks

We like change. We really do! We appreciate furniture or home pieces that can adapt to our changing needs. Single seater chair, check! Lounge/recline mode, check! Simply change the configurations for their universal bar. Not to mention, you can swap the cloth colours to suit your home’s aesthetics and themes.

Check out all of Airmocks’ lifestyle options¬†here. Apply <style10> upon checkout to receive 10% off all items (not applicable to promotional items. Valid till 14 Oct.

4. Clearly, Transparency

Light is your best space-enhancer in the house. Not only does it make your room appear larger, it uplifts you. So how do you let in more light in your small living space? Go for glass partitions instead of walls for your kitchen and your study room/studios. This will also create a cohesive

5. Universal Remotes

One device to rule them all. While upgrading your home set up for voice command systems like Google Home or Amazon Echo could take a while (especially for the less tech-savvy), opt for universal remotes for your entertainment system and skip the find-the-controls frenzy. Not to mention, a minimalistic, lean set up can also do wonders with barely-there smart design and conserve space.

6. Smart Wardrobe

Evidently, the place where you get ready in the morning should be inspiring and peaceful. It should be motivating you to start your day well and encourage less mental clutter when it’s physically clutter-free. That’s where Style Theory’s Infinite Wardrobe in the cloud comes in.


Imagine owning a wardrobe that’s functional and can hold up to 30 wardrobe essentials, yet you can wear a new designer outfit every day. While that sounds impossible, more than 3000 #WomenOfStyleTheory has done it!

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