6 Oddly Satisfying Self-Care Rituals

If you’ve heard enough about face rollers and journaling, these alternative, weird-but-satisfying self-care rituals are for you — and they’re proven to work too!

Get a ballsy foot rub

If you’ve got a thing for feet, we do too. Reflexology studies show that foot massages improve circulation, reduce the effects of anxiety and can even cause mild arousal. The best part? It turns out the humble tennis ball might give your masseuse some friendly competition. Do yourself a service with these ballsy massage techniques.


When you’re done listening to our mood-boosting playlist, try videos that create an autonomous sensory meridian response (ASMR). Everyone has their unique favourites, so find yours before you strike ASMR off. Its tingly sensation is said to go down your neck, head, and spine, managing our moods and leaving us feeling content and relaxed.

Our personal favourite?

Try mirror affirmations

Saying “I’m gonna kick butt today” in the mirror might feel uncomfortable at first, but it’s all about starting the day with a little self-affirmation. You can also try statements like “I forgive myself for…” or “I’m grateful because…” that liberate you from self-bashing and focus on progress, not perfection. When you’ve got your own back, you’re giving your day a fighting chance.

Wake up before the “day” starts

Nearly 50% of self-made millionaires wake up at least three hours before their workday actually begins. While not everyone aspires to be Richard Branson (he wakes up at 5:45AM), sleep inertia is our common enemy and it can last from two to four hours. Let your body reach peak wakefulness naturally and it’ll set off a chain reaction of productive behaviour throughout the day.


Listen to rain

According to an anxiety therapist,
rain produces a sound similar to white noise, decreasing the brain’s need for sensory input, thus calming us down.

Millions use the Rainy Mood app to help them sleep, study, and relax. When you’re feeling particularly creative, you can even customise your rain scene from thunder claps, cricket chirps, rain on grass, and hundreds of other effects.

Make an edible DIY face mask

It might feel uncomfortable lathering your breakfast on your face, but stay with us. Ingredients like honey, oat and matcha have amazing antibacterial, moisturising or pore-clarifying properties that cool down the tropical heat. There’s also something about following a recipe that makes us feel in control, even if it’s a 1-minute skincare recipe.

5 easy skincare recipes:

Social distancing or not, we might just ditch the expensive facial for these satisfying stay-home pleasures. After all, self-care is all about the nourishing power of little things. What are your oddly satisfying rituals?

Staying at home doesn’t have to be a bore when you’ve got cool tips and tricks to stay productive, connected, and positive. Lockdown or not, we’ve got you covered with our Stay Home Guide — tap to read more!

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