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6 Life Lessons to Excel in Your 30s From Women Who Have Been There

life lessons to excel

Whether you’re a woman in your 30s, or one who’s approaching (or exiting) this momentous decade, you’ve probably got a lot on your mind. There’s this expectation that we have to freak out and hit the panic button as we approach the big 3-0. But it also marks the beginning of what’s supposed to be the decade when a number of doors may open — career growth, family, or finally saving enough money to travel or buy a home. 

What is the “right” way forward then? While we can’t give you the winning formula to excel in your 30s, here’s one thing that can help: sage advice from the #WomenofStyleTheory who have been through this exhilarating life period. And here’s what we learned from them: 

1. Embrace what makes you unique

“Women, nowadays, even the absolutely brilliant ones, tend to think they aren’t good enough when all the narratives portrayed on social media are positive and celebratory. Having grown up in the pre-social media era, I’ve had the privilege of finding my own character without the pressure of social comparison. My takeaway? The key to achieving confidence is none other than self-acceptance. Make the leap to accepting all parts of yourself — accepting, embracing, and not judging them.” — Adele, 44


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2. Everyone’s still trying to figure it out (and you are, too)

“They say in your thirties, you’re old enough to know better but still young enough to do it. I think that’s so true! My thirties brought me wisdom and confidence, but not yet the burden of having too many things to worry about. Here’s the reality check — it takes years to figure out what we’re good at and what we enjoy doing, so go forth and explore, experiment, experience, and have the time of your life!” — Celine, 41


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3. Certain luxuries are worth it, while others are not

“In your 30s, you’ll find yourself learning new and savvier ways to spend your money, especially with more financial responsibilities coming your way. Unlike the reckless spending in my 20s, I’ve had to be more discerning with which luxuries I choose to indulge myself with. For example, instead of buying designer bag after bag like I did in the past, now, I choose to rent them instead.” — Joanne, 36 

4. Take small steps to success

“The biggest misconception is that there are a lot of things that we should accomplish in our 30s. The truth is, everyone has a different definition of success. While goals are a good thing, we often set high and unrealistic expectations, which lead to disappointment when we don’t meet them. Learn to set small, achievable goals to help you move in the right direction towards bigger achievements. It’ll benefit your mental health too!” — Ateeqah, 30


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5. Your career doesn’t have an expiration date

“Who says you should have your career dialed in by age 30? Fear was such a detrimental driving force in my life, but I’ve learned that it’s never too late to hit the reset button. You don’t have to conform your life to an ideal that you do not believe in. Once you get older, it’s nice to realize you can just do it your way without anyone’s permission. Take advantage of that!” — Cheryl, 38

6. Choose who you surround yourself with

“Someone once told me that a woman alone has power, and collectively, we have an impact. We have been taught to be competitive with one another, but the truth is that raising each other up and channeling the power of collaboration is truly how we’ll change the equation. Gravitate toward the community of women who have your back as a support network and have fun together along the way.” — Anna, 41

And here at Style Theory, we hope for you to love yourself through it all; Dress in the clothes that make you happy — not the ones that fashion dictates you wear – and be comfortable in your own skin. Turning 30 is not the end of your youth as you know it — it’s a bright and new beginning. Welcome to your prime! 

Be inspired by the stories from our #WomenOfStyleTheory and find new ways to show off what makes you unique. Discover the collection from the Infinite Wardrobe that evolves with you through every stage of life. 

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