5 Tips For A No-Fail Gifting Season

It’s hard to perfect gifting for special occasions, let alone when it comes all at once during Christmas. But the reason why gifting is so rewarding is that it simply allows people to connect!

5 Tips For A No-Fail Gifting Season

The giver of the gift expresses their feelings by sending a gift, in hopes of sharing these emotions with the receiver of the gift, making a connection. This gives us a sense of purpose and an innate feeling of satisfaction, especially for the givers who can relate to “it is better to give than to receive”.

5 Tips For A No-Fail Gifting Season

While gifting season happiness can be divided and/or shared between receiving and giving, we take a shot at 5 things you can do to make it a no-fail gifting effort, every time. You’re welcome!

1. Get personal

5 Tips For A No-Fail Gifting Season

Handmade items are always a great expression of heartfelt emotions–made uniquely for the recipient and no one else. It could be personal photos, monogrammed initials on accessories, or even simply using their favourite colours or something they remarked they liked could show how much you care!

  • For the beauty junkie: Make-up is pretty personal (so many ways you can go wrong! so opt for skincare–and ask for monogram services if they have! Some allows for customisation of the bottle or compact cases.
  • For the fashion lover: A vintage piece to add to her jewellery collection
  • For the traveller: Something for the road–portable, lightweight, and meaningful. A personalised travel journal, a booklight, or simply an extra wallet to hold the other currencies.

2. Consider something extra(vagant)

5 Tips For A No-Fail Gifting Season

If you want to succeed on the first try, get your friends something they want but would never buy themselves. That’s easier said than done, so look through their wishlists or recently liked instagram posts (we know, it hits pretty close to IG stalker/creeping status) to find out which items are hot on their lists.

  • For the beauty junkie: Gift sets are popular to get them something from a brand they want, in perfect travel sizes, without getting into the specifics (especially if you’re not sure if they need a serum or toner and the like)
  • For the fashion lover: Small leather accessories like card-holders and keychains are something most people would like to have but would never buy for themselves
  • For the traveller: Opt for a travel shawl or travel pillow that they can always take on flights for their next adventure

3. Give experiences instead of objects, if you can

5 Tips For A No-Fail Gifting Season

Receiving gifts is not everyone’s love language. Some prefer a home-cooked meal or a museum+brunch date, and they’ll appreciate it more than anything tied with a bow. Plus, there’s never a clear price tag on these gestures, and the effort always makes them more valuable.

  • For the beauty junkie: Workshops are a new gift to do as friends, so pair up and attend a class to create your own fragrance or even a craft workshop for the vanity
  • For the fashion lover: You don’t have to go to Paris to experience fashion first-hand. Bring fashion to you with a girls’ night out staycation and indulge in a night of champagne, chick flicks, and fancy robes.
  • For the traveller: They’ll love a great travel-inspired movie or a simple getaway to the islands for the weekends. Consider bringing disposable film cameras that will be great fun to look back on after you develop the film

4. Pay attention to detail

5 Tips For A No-Fail Gifting Season

Go the extra mile to pay attention to detail, including how your gifts are wrapped. Even better if you can customise your packaging. Add that simple personal touch even if you’re the least crafty person in the room.

  • For the beauty junkie: Add a gift tag or a small ornament to your gift. Go for tongue-in-cheek jokes if the occasion calls for it!
  • For the fashion lover: Fashion and wine goes together hand-in-hand (it’s true!). Shop for pretty fabrics to wrap your bottle of wine or even a chic wine caddy that doubles up as the perfect arm candy.
  • For the traveller: Win their hearts (and stomach) with food that’s not easily found in Singapore. Ask other traveller friends to bring back local snacks from their travels and personally gift wrap them.

If gift wrapping doesn’t come to you naturally, head to Youtube for quick guides and easy tutorials.

5. Never give belated gifts!

5 Tips For A No-Fail Gifting Season

Nothing is worse than weirdly wrapped gifts than a gift that’s late. But with the busyness of the holidays and restricted holiday delivery timing, not everyone can make it in time to the malls (looking at you procrastinators).

That’s why gift cards are a great solution for all gifting reasons, and especially if it’s an experience instead of physical items (refer to tip #3)!

We launched the gift card option for you to give the Gift of Fashion Freedom!

Know a friend who is always late to the parties because they can’t decide on what to wear or worse–they have nothing to wear? Thinking of someone who needs a perk-me-up this holiday season to get out of their style rut? Want to cheer someone with new clothes that she’ll definitely love?

There are so many hits why Style Theory gift cards work for the modern women. Skip the lines and the apologies for a late present or poorly-chosen gift. Send a Style Theory e-Gift Card (worth $129) and share the joy of dressing up with a special someone at $99 now!

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