5 Things Every Guy Dating A Fashionable Woman Thinks But Will Never Tell You + The Perfect No-Fail Gift

Dating a stylish lady isn’t easy. For the less initiated, the daily struggle of dressing up and the “every-now-and-then” retail therapy is not quite the most therapeutic date night activity if she lists fashion as one of her main interests.

In fact, fashion is so much her on-screen habit (Pinterest mood boards and Instagram bookmarks, anyone?) as it is her religion. She lives and breathes trends and love donning new styles that she knows she can pull off fabulously. While she lives on the ‘gram with the amazing OOTDs, how does life on the other side feel?

As if daily struggles aren’t enough, there are also the special occasions and the holiday gifting to set you off the alarms. But first, here are the top 5 boyfriends’ complaints of dating a fashionista:

1. She’s Always Late.


She’s always late for our dates. Her top reason? “I have nothing to wear!”

Raise a glass to all the fallen soldiers of the waiting game. There’s always that one person who is perpetually late because she couldn’t find anything to wear. Whether it’s for a simple post-work hangout or a fancy dinner, you can count on her being at least 30 minutes late…and counting. Fix that, stat.


2. She Shops Endlessly.


My girlfriend walks into every store in the mall but she can’t find anything to buy. Why?!

She doesn’t need new clothes, yet there’s always another dinner or party or just-because dress she needs to buy. When was the last time she wore the previous dress she bought for her friend’s wedding dinner celebration? She needs help.


3. She Leaves Me To Wait In the “Boyfriend Corner”.

When she changes her mind at the store

I’m a resident benchwarmer in Forever 21, and I get to meet my fellow comrades.

So you’re well acquainted with that one bench that sits too far from the shoe racks and painfully-tempting-because-it’s-too-close-to-the-exit. We feel you. Nothing feels worse when they find all the outfits they took to the changing room a poor fit in size or style and you get stuck in shopping hell (check out IG account @miserable_men) Wasn’t online shopping invented to save the boyfriends from the bench? Let’s save date night for something that’s actually fun for two.


4. She Spent 60 Minutes On Nothing.


She spends an hour trying on her entire wardrobe before heading out. She picked the first one.

Face palm. Excess > access. Send help. Not every woman take more than 30 minutes to get dressed. Don’t belief? Ask the #WomenofStyleTheory.


5. She Needs Gifts From Her List, And Not Any Other Lists.


She always complains about the fashion gifts I buy for her.

There are two days in the year you wish you could bail on gifting–Christmas, and her birthday. Nothing is more difficult than buying fashion gifts for the fashion-savvy lady. Bite the bullet with a gift she might just approve this year.


So whether you 100% relate or you need to nudge someone for an Infinite Wardrobe S.O.S., share this with a friend who needs a win this gifting season or someone who could use additional gifting ideas anytime of the year!

You can get a no-fail gift that she’ll love.

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