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5 Reasons Why You Should Be Dressing Up to Work From Home

Whether you’re self-employed or working remotely this season, we can all agree on one thing: the idea of being able to save that extra 90 minutes of getting ready in the morning and the dreadful commute is one big plus point — Who wouldn’t like the extra sleep? Work from home also means dressing down and going to ‘work’ in your pajamas. Imagine typing away in the comfort of your armchair while sipping on coffee in your PJs — truly in your element. But if you’re not careful, that may not quite be the case when it comes to your work productivity.  

It might seem unnecessary to dress up when you’re working from home since you would not be seeing anyone. However, getting dressed up even when you’re working from home has proven to be beneficial for your overall working environment and experience. Research studies have shown that  work attire has an impact on your self-perception of your productivity and competency. In other words, you are what you wear! 

Here are some reasons why: 

1. It helps you start the day right

From The Infinite Wardrobe: Olive Mordern Latte Dress by Oh Mira

Working from home often results in you interacting with only your devices.. Not having to work in the office with your colleagues  would also mean there isn’t a need to put in the same amount of effort into looking well-groomed. But if you aren’t careful, it can deteriorate into bad hygiene and a lack of confidence which can lead to less productive work days. Trust me on this, I skipped one day of grooming and it led to a day of feeling lethargic and unproductive.  

Simply washing your face and brushing your teeth might help you feel fresh and clean, but taking a few extra minutes to get out of your pajamas and into proper work clothes helps you to mentally and physically prepare yourself for a day of work.  Try spending 30 minutes before work to take a refreshing shower and get dressed for work, and see how it affects your day. 

2. It helps productivity

Staying in your pajamas all day should be reserved for those lazy couch potato weekends. When it comes to a work-from-home day, that’s a big no! 

If you associate your cosy sweatpants and pajamas with relaxation, then it’s no surprise that they reduce your productivity. In fact, psychology studies have shown that dressing up helps improve productivity by putting you in a mental state of professionalism. 

Regardless of whether you’re at home or not, you tend to perform better at work-related tasks when you are dressed for it. 

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3. It sets a good impression for those impromptu video meeting

Imagine being in a ratty old sweatshirt during an online discussion when your superior wants to switch to a video call. The horror of looking that unpresentable in front of your boss would be disastrous! 

If you’re expecting a planned video call, you would definitely be dressed appropriately for it. However, such things can be unpredictable and for some, last-minute meetings are extremely common! If you’re already dressed to work from home, you’ll be ever ready for any video meetings that might spring upon you. 

4. It defines the line between work and home

The idea of working from home is great and a dream workspace for many. You get to set your own hours and workload for the day without the distraction of other co-workers. Your home is comfortable and you get to eat all of the food you like at any time. But soon enough, the lines between work and home get blurry. You may end up being too comfortable and slacken on your work.On the other end of the spectrum, working at home might be even more stressful if you just don’t know when to put your work away! 

The chances of you missing lunch or working overtime is high if you can’t draw the line between work and home. , If you have distinct outfits for both work and home, you’ll be able to  condition your brain into understanding where work ends and home life begins. 

Set a rule that you would only begin work when you are dressed for it and once work hours are over, put your laptop aside, change out of your work outfit, and get comfortable and cosy in your home clothes. It helps differentiate between work life and home life more clearly! 

5. It helps set boundaries

Besides creating the boundary for yourself, dressing up to work-from-home helps set boundaries for those around you. It is nice to work in a quiet spot at home but that may not be the case all the time — especially if you’re living with other loved ones. Distractions from your pets, children or parents may come every now and then. Take it from me, working from home means having my mom ask me every hour if I wanted fruits!

By being in your work attire, you send a signal to those around you that you are currently working. It states an unspoken rule of providing the respect and boundary between work and family time. 

Though the list isn’t exhaustive, these are enough reasons to get you off your bed in the morning and get dressed, even if it means only to work from home! Make an effort not to dress sloppy and put together a look that does not compromise your comfort. 

Here are some work-from-home outfits you can try: 

Working from home may mean a lot of freedom, but if you’re not careful, you’ll easily blur out the lines between work and home. After all, working from home is still working and keeping up the professionalism is necessary. To help facilitate better work from home experience and boost your productivity, take the effort to dress well!

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