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5 New Year’s Resolutions That Will Change Your Wardrobe

New year, clean slate. As they say, the beginning of the year is always the perfect time to set resolutions and make way for a better version of yourself – and the same goes with your wardrobe! Whether it’s a long-overdue spring-cleaning session or a major style revamp, there’s no better way to recentre your 2022 than with wardrobe resolutions for a new and improved fashion mindset. 

Ready to tick them off to begin anew? Start these 5 New Year’s wardrobe resolutions for a better you this 2022!

1. Learn the art of letting go

Yup, this rule applies to everything (not just people!) – including clothes that have been stacked on your unused pile for the longest time. Can’t decide when to declutter? Avoid leaving untouched pieces buried again for the next twelve months by assessing your wardrobe before your annual calendar gets busy. In other terms, there’s no better time than now since the fresh year is just beginning. 

2. Prioritise quality over quantity

No amount of fast-fashion trends that are bound to fade can beat timeless, high-quality clothes that are designed to withstand fads and the test of time. Why choose a poorly-sewn dress that you’ll wear only once for a photograph if you can have a classic staple that you can wear through every season? Cheap garments that are hot off the press may satisfy your bandwagon appetite at first, but they’ll leave you wondering when you can wear them after the trend goes off the charts. Timeless pieces, on the other hand, will give you the benefit of convenience for their wearability all year round. 

3. Make room for more colour

Keeping a stash of neutrals might be a good idea if you’re after easy and effortless dressing, but not when your wardrobe gets overshadowed to the point of absolute dullness. Set a new style guide for yourself this year and be more adventurous in mixing and matching colour to add life to your monotonous palette!

4. Put comfort first

What’s the use of a beautiful sweater if it’s too itchy to be worn out in the cold? Aesthetics may play a huge role in decision-making when purchasing a piece of clothing, but it’s time to set aside discomfort in the pursuit of fashion – especially when you’re buying clothes with a hefty price tag. 

5. Dress with sustainability in mind

Perhaps the most important resolution on the list is to make 2022 the year of conscious fashion choices – and by conscious, we mean choosing sustainability in the way you dress up. Whether it be through renting or upcycling old fabrics, there’s no better feeling in the world than knowing that you did your part in slowing down the effects of fast fashion. 


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