5 Must-Do Steps to Master the In-Home OOTD

Is your Instagram feed feeling a little stale this Circuit Breaker? While most of us have been staying home for 2 months (and then some!), our Women of Style Theory have been busy creating some fire OOTD selfies! We look to them for the five must-do steps to mastering your in-home OOTD. 

#1 Dress like you mean it

An OOTD means “Outfit of the Day”, after all. We suggest dressing up like you’re really going to own the day — even if it’s spent at home. Put aside the loungewear and pick out the power pieces that make you feel beautiful — and if you’d like, put on some makeup and style your hair too! It’s all about having a refreshing change from the otherwise lacklustre or dull moods we’d inevitably find ourselves in while stuck at home. 

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#2 Set the scene

First things first: lighting. Good front-facing lighting, especially at eye level, can banish unflattering shadows or dark eye circles! With your phone camera, test out the different areas of your house that have the best natural sunlight streaming in. If you want a different aesthetic, adjust your lighting accordingly. Then, choose to showcase your favourite nooks in the background, or feature a statement interior decor piece front and centre with you. 


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Your home doesn’t have to be the only backdrop. To recreate a more studio-like shoot, use fabric or a bedsheet to drape across your selfie’s background. Just make sure it’s free of creases! 


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#3 Use props

This Circuit Breaker has seen us picking up new hobbies to pass the time. If you’ve been baking, cross-stitching, or learning flower arrangements, don’t just post your creation à la isolation on its own take a wefie with it!


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Alternatively, this is the perfect time to try the latest Mirror Challenge on Instagram. Unlike the classic full-length mirror selfies, this new trend features a bottom-up approach and getting your mirror in touch with nature and the big blue sky — great if you have access to a garden or backyard!


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#4 Make use of a (human) tripod

It takes two hands to snap a good selfie — and you don’t need that holding you back. Go handsfree instead and use a tripod (or your partner!) so you can get even more creative with your poses.

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#5 Get creative with editing


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The perfect OOTD doesn’t stop once the shutter clicks! There are plenty of great photo-editing and filter apps to choose from, but some of our favourites are VSCO, Photoshop Express, Afterlight, Facetune. Turn the brightness and saturation up or down, add a tint, smoothen your flyaway hair — this is arguably one of the most time-consuming steps in this list! If you’ve got the chops, you can even add extra pizzazz to your edits like this below: 


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Ready to practise these 5 must-do steps? Try it out and tag us on Instagram with our hashtag #womenofstyletheory!

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