3 Types of Fashion Minimalists – Which One Are You?

Minimalism is often used carelessly, but the term is rich and understated yet without sufficient context, it’s difficult to find meaning and easy to be confused.

Turns out, there are many ways to be modern or minimalist in your day-to-day activities and style! We break it down to three types for you to find your minimalistic style direction. Regardless of the type of modern or minimalist you are, it’s a lifestyle revolving around less is more.

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If you answered:

A, you are a Modern Minimalist

B, you are an Essentials Minimalist

C, you are a Mindful Minimalists

Modern Minimalists

It’s all about the aesthetics for this modern minimalist stylish women. They don’t particularly own less, but they go for colourless aesthetics and have less on display. This shows in their choice of home decor and they often favour white over everything else. The bias transcends from their bare living spaces into their modern wardrobe picks. Every now and then, they’ll add a simple watercolour design from the Infinite Wardrobe to their outfit or accessories of choice.

They would: Throw out mismatched hangers to buy a set of modernist ones–without looking at the price tag

Style Theory Renting Habit: They go for pieces they don’t already own. That means, colourful statement pieces for that once-in-a-blue-moon coloured outfit (yes, they might rent black) or outerwear that goes well with white jumpsuits and separates.

Rent these from the Infinite Wardrobe: Elegant line-printed dresses and tailored jackets

recto-colorblock-curved-hem-dress-1 (1)
From the Infinite Wardrobe: Colorblock Curved Hem Dress by RECTO
From the Infinite Wardrobe: Undisclosed Vest by FINDERS KEEPERS

Essentials Minimalists

Whether you’re a digital nomad or capsule wardrobe owner, if you fuss over owning more than you need to, you’re an essentials minimalist. You choose to use less, have less and only own the basics. Your carbon footprint is not necessarily low because you may throw things out to upgrade to more worthwhile items or items of better value. That could mean replacing your usual reading material with e-books and audiobooks. When it comes to shopping, you’re all about investment pieces; if you’re only going to buy one, it will be the best and last for the longest time. That’s where you can have fun with renting new styles from the Infinite Wardrobe without the commitment!

They would: Throw out all of their hangers but enough for a curated wardrobe.

Style Theory Renting Habit: They rent outerwears and separates mainly to go with their capsule wardrobe basics. They would rent the top value items that wouldn’t have to take up space in their wardrobe yet look a million dollars and complete their OOTD!

Rent these from the Infinite Wardrobe: Blazers and statement separates that go well with versatile cotton shirts and black trousers

From the Infinite Wardrobe:
Alka Vest Black by LAISON
From the Infinite Wardrobe:
Blush Crepe Pants by CHARM

Mindful Minimalists

The mindful minimalist lives light–physically and spiritually. They don’t like to get bogged down by insensibilities or responsibilities of clutter, maintenance, and trend-watching. They’d rather make do or do without. They find meaning in purposeful and productive activities, to save time for the more meaningful things in life. Dressing up should be an easy affair and not a paradox of choice. They know what they want and find delight in both the big and small things, including unboxing their Style Theory pieces!

They would: Throw out poor-functioning hangers even if you’re left with mismatched ones because they want to be inspired on a daily basis

Style Theory Renting Habit: They like to browse curations and rent based on how they’re feeling at the moment or how they want to feel on that particular day. They’ll rent items they’d love to wear once and remember how they felt wearing it!

Rent these from the Infinite Wardrobe: Colourful outfits or new silhouettes that spark joy and make dressing up fun.

From the Infinite Wardrobe:
Nate Jumpsuit by JOVONNA
From the Infinite Wardrobe:
Asymmetrical Front Drape Dress by ADRIANNA PAPELL

Whether you’re a modern, essentials or mindful minimalist,

1. Download the app

2. Rent your upcoming outfits from Style Theory, and

3. Build a rotation of designer outfits that you always coveted but never thought you could try and pull it off!


Get on trend with our favourite pieces from the Infinite Wardrobe and mix it up with your current style. Rent, wear, swap with Style Theory and never worry about outgrowing trend or repeating your new favourites every week!

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