10 Reasons Why You Should Be Renting Instead of Buying

Owning multiple bags and clothing in your wardrobe can be both space-consuming and a terrible chore to maintain. We all love the idea of having more but do we really have the time, money and space to buy everything? 

Here are 10 reasons why you should be renting your clothes and bags instead of buying them!

#1. No Laundry!

The fact that you no longer have to do laundry is reason enough to start renting! We all know that laundry is an absolute chore for most of us. It’s time-consuming to follow your laundry wash cycles, drying, and then folding. Thankfully, renting clothes on a regular basis means you reduce weekly laundry to a minimum. This frees up a little more time on the weekends for you to spend time with family, find a me-time activity or simply catch up on the sleep that you need. 

#2. New Styles Everyday

If we could buy everything we wanted to wear, that would be great. But factors like money and space deter us from trying new styles with fear that we’ll only wear it once and stash it in the deep and dark abyss of our wardrobes. . The solution? Rent! Renting means you’ll never have to worry about only wearing it once, and get to try new styles all the time. A wide variety and regular new arrivals in our Infinite Wardrobe ensures you always have something new to look forward to.

#3. More Efficient Mornings

Renting is great when you want fuss-free and productive mornings. It’s perfect for when you want to hit the snooze button twice, yet still have time for a quick and hearty breakfast. How so? With a freshly pressed outfit already chosen, you’re able to maximise your mornings by focusing on the morning activities that matter more. No more sitting in front of the wardrobe picking on clothes even though you’re running late for work!

#4. Always Event-ready

When it comes to important events like weddings, graduations or conferences, you’ll always want to look your best. But you dread the idea of dragging yourself out to the mall and trying on dress after dress just for one event. 

Renting is ideal for you because it allows you to have access to all types event-appropriate outfits and you don’t even have to go through the laborious routine of physically shopping. 

#5. It’s More Sustainable

Renting and sharing an infinite wardrobe of clothing is definitely more sustainable than buying your own clothes. Up to 85% of clothes that people buy, end up in landfills prematurely, and textile production is the world’s second largest polluting industry. By joining the renting revolution, you’re able to contribute to a longer service life of clothes created and help to reduce your overall carbon footprint. 

Read more on Style Theory’s sustainability efforts!

#6. Low Maintenance

Owning designer bags means having to care and maintain them regularly. Whether it’s sending your bag for professional leather maintenance, or just simply putting your bag in a dust bag in a cool and dark area, we sometimes fall short on our diligence and these bags end up lasting us shorter than expected. You might even notice yourself using your designer bags less with the idea that not carrying them means not having the need to clean. But with renting, all designer bags are expertly cleaned and professionally maintained, so all you need to worry about is picking which style you want to rent next. 

#7. It’s Financially Sustainable


Instead of spending your entire pay-cheque on one designer bag, with that same amount, you get to carry at least 20 more designer bags when you rent. We’ve all wanted to carry at least an iconic designer bag once. But, if you’re financially savvy and want more value out of your luxury fashion spending,, renting is a better option for you.

#8.  Trying What You Really Love

The idea of purchasing a $4000 bag can be daunting especially when you’ve never actually tried it out to see how it fits into your lifestyle. So, treat renting designer bags like a trial. Try all the designer bags you have ever wish-listed and see if it actually fits you and your lifestyle! Only after renting it,  should you buy and invest in one that you really love.

#9. A Bag For Every Occasion

Nothing is worse than not being able to find a suitable bag for the occasion. Be it a grand event or a casual day out, you’re always seen with the same bag. That’s where renting comes in! Renting gives you access to multiple bags and style for different occasions. You wouldn’t have to worry about not finding the perfect bag to match your outfit and occasion, or wasting money on a bag you’d only use once. 

#10. Clutter Free

Designer bags are expensive investments; once bought, it’s unlikely that you’d simply toss them out after a few years. Instead, you find yourself buying more, while neglecting your old bags — leaving your wardrobe often cluttered. If you love the idea of having access to multiple designer bags without the dilemma of clutter, renting is a great option for you. 

These 10 reasons are enough to get you onto the renting revolution — you’ll get to experience a happier and more sustainable lifestyle of fashion consumption!

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